Commencement and Senior Week

What is the schedule during the week of Commencement?

The schedule is available on the alumni website here.

How do I get Commencement tickets?

You can pick up tickets at the Senior Desk at the Harvard Alumni Association offices, starting May 6. Each senior will receive 4 tickets to the morning exercises on Commencement Day, but will not be able to purchase additional tickets. Many events during Commencement Week, however, do have additional tickets available for purchase. More detailed ticket information is available here.

What events are happening during Senior Week?

You can check out the Senior Week schedule on our calendar!

How do I purchase tickets for Senior Week?

Tickets will be available at the Harvard Box Office starting in May! Bundles will be available the first week of May, and individual event tickets will be available the second week. All Senior Week tickets are SEF eligible.


When will my merchandise arrive?

All merchandise should arrive before commencement.

How will I get my merchandise?

All merchandise will be distributed on campus by your House Rep. Merchandise will not be shipped. For a list of House Reps, click here.

Can I customize my merchandise?

All merchandise is sold as depicted in the online store and does not contain the option of personalizing the merchandise.

What shipping address should I fill in?

Please fill in your Campus Mailing Address during Checkout. The most important piece of information in the address is your House affiliation.